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As a buyer or investor you need to be sure that your interests are fully protected, that you have identified and covered all the risks and weak points and that you have negotiated the best possible purchase price. We ensure this happens through our consistent positioning at the service of the buyer.

The Challenges you face as a Buyer

As a buyer you are confronted by a myriad of difficulties:

  • Is the price justified?
  • Are there any potential risks? Or hidden development potential?
  • Is the rent in line with the market? What vacancy rate should I budget for?
  • How can I optimise the return on my investment?
  • What repair costs should I allow for?
  • Does the property meet current statutory standards?
  • What importance should I attach to the energy performance certificate? What is the financial impact for the owner?
  • What costs and taxes will be incurred?
  • Which fiscal aspects should I take into account in my calculations?

Avoid risks with the aid of our structured approach

Our current TOOLBOX has been developed using more than ten years' experience and covers more than 40 topics, risks and appraisals in a systematic and structured fashion. This enables you as the Buyer to:

  • eliminate all major risks or identify and budget for them,
  • identify and budget for all the costs incurred within the scope of acquisition, and all later repair costs,
  • be able to realistically appraise the true value of the property,
  • prepare all the arguments and facts for the price negotiations.

Buy at the true value

Negotiating does not mean haggling;
discover the art of negotiation with us.

Our services create value for you

Take advantage of our many years of experience.

Your benefits:

  • Confidence

    because you have identified and documented all the risks, weaknesses and other bargaining tools.

  • Peace of mind

    because you will avoid surprises and have anticipated all the costs and additional investments.

  • Satisfaction

    because you have the certainty of having bought at a justified price and made a good investment.

Our services:

  • 1


    Investment advisory, financial & tax simulation and object prospection.

  • 2


    Explicit estate analysis, identification of potential risks and estimation of additionally required investments (TOOLBOX 40+).

  • 3


    Negotiations - Strategic preparation and companionship.

How much do our services cost?

Our fees depend on the results. You therefore have a guarantee that the fees incurred are literally invested profitably. A real win-win situation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Our Experience

The success of your investment is guaranteed by our experience.

Our founder, Dr. Tremuth, has been involved with the purchase of over 400,000 m2 in the residential, office and industrial property sectors. His ten years of experience in the construction and property industry covers topics such as:

  • Buyer due diligence and consultancy,
  • Project development,
  • Negotiation and supervision of construction contracts,
  • Guidance through VEFA contracts.

Laurent Tremuth is a DGNB registered professional and trainer at the Luxembourg School for Commerce.

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